Naïveté Was Bliss

This has been on my heart lately. Maybe it’s a message for me, or maybe it’s a message for you…

When it feels like you’re most alone, I promise you I am right here with you.

Getting older is freaking tough. Reminiscing high school and college times, I remember being so sad over a break up, or a fight with a friend, or a bad lacrosse practice. And all of those things did feel HUGE in that moment.

As a 28 year old, I chuckle to myself because the ignorance and naïveté was truly bliss.

The world today—whether it’s the fact that I am 28, or maybe it’s just the times of 2021—is a heavy, heavy place to be.

I found that with each year that passes, my circle seems to get smaller and smaller. Which, don’t get me wrong, I know God, Spirit, The Universe, or whatever you may call it, hears conversations we don’t and removes the toxicity before it succumbs us.

But regardless, it doesn’t make it easier. It’s hard not to turn in your yourself and be like, “WTF is wrong with me? Am I getting more and more unloveable?”

I have these feelings, well, daily.

But friend, the answer is NO. You are not unloveable. You are not unworthy. And you are not alone. I’m right there with you.

I think sometimes losing friends is just a part of getting older and 2020-2021 and the difficulties that have come with this last year and a half haven’t helped.

We lose touch with people and unfortunately, it is an part of life. If you are ever feeling alone, reach out. The real ones will jump right back to where you all left off.

If you feel you have no one personally to reach out to, please reach out to the Suicide Hotline—(800) 273-8255. You always have a friend in them, and in me.



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